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Posted on Jun 11th 2020


We see you, we hear you. BNKR stands resolutely against racism, injustice and police brutality in all forms. There is nothing more urgent than this in our company at this time.⁠

But it’s well over time to move WORDS into verbs and DO what we say we will. Let us show you how we will. Let’s first gather who we are, what we do, then what we’ll do. Quickly.⁠

In the past week, we paused normal social media. We used the rest of the week to move beyond the internet to realise the critical importance of internal overhaul. We’re going to run a series of focus groups so we can make discernible change across our business values, partner collaborations, content production, marketing, recruiting and training.⁠

The outcomes of these will be defined by our employee team, community voices, influencers and advocates from the Black people, indigenous and people of colour community (BIPOC). We don’t think BIPOC communities are obligated to teach us how to treat them. However, given the oppression of these voices for so long, we want to encourage hearing from all so that we may continue to learn.⁠

Let’s cut to that chase. We’ve always been committed to diversity, but we know there’s so much more to be done. We’re ashamed of that fact. Globally we are 90% female, with a team in Australia, USA and China from all different backgrounds, ethnicity, religion and with a broad mix of perspectives, which we encourage and support. Our US team 33% white, 33% Black, 33% Hispanic. Our Head Design team includes representations from the Black, Middle Eastern and Asian communities’.⁠

On that note, we want you to be on this path of acute change with us. But don’t get us wrong, this is OUR responsibility. These goals will be ongoing, and we promise to be transparent about outcomes. We WANT to keep this conversation open. We're sorry it wasn’t done from day one – but this IS our future. We look forward to updating you.