Olá Lisboa: The New Season Editorial

Posted on Feb 10th 2019


Stunning views, historic architecture and Portuguese tarts? Lisbon basically has it all.

Join BNKR + Valentina Ruby on a journey through the city’s hidden alcoves and colourful backstreets, getting matchy matchy with our surrounding and befriending a bunch of locals along the way (some furrier than others).

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Stop 1 - 8:03am

Valentina leaves her hotel, pulls on her hiking (cowboy) boots + heads up the hill for a better view. She attracts a few looks on the way (they must like her boots too).

Stop 2

Green normally means go, but she’s taking it easy - it is her holiday after all.

Stop 3 - 3:11pm

Necessary caffeine stop. Valentina takes her time to wander the historic streets (and introduces the locals to the latest in tonal dressing).

Stop 4

Valentina limbers up to continue her search for the best Portuguese tart in town. Current tarts consumed: 6.

Stop 5 - 12:33pm

Best part of the day? Meeting new friends - although this one is a little furrier than most.

Stop 6 - 6:05pm

After a steamy day in the sun, she slips into something a little more fancy - and lucks upon golden hour on her way to dinner.

Stop 7

It’s important to catch up on current affairs while abroad (even if your Portuguese is a little rusty). Option #2 - use newspaper as hat.

Stop 8 - 5:41pm

One moment please - Valentina heads back home for a quick outfit switch. In head-to-toe yellow, she matches the intricate tiles in a hidden alcove. Perfect, no?

Stop 9

Every corner + backstreet holds a new story. Valentina commits these to memory.

Stop 10 - 4:13pm

Valentina keeps it light + breezy in a lilac mini for her last afternoon in Portugal.

Discover the editorial here.

Words: Lucy Ahern